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Simon says:
Desc-ili decided to share a decisión with other Simonites. Here is the summary.
Posted By: Desc-ili
Decision Name: Should I buy an expensive salmon sandwhich
Date: October 30 - 2015
Description: Im at dokken
Simon says: buy sandwich

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Secondary Personality
Decision style: Analytical
Somewhat Important

Decision Outcome
Decision Outcome Decision Outcome Decision Outcome Decision Outcome Decision Outcome
It was nice, but pricey and hard to cut.
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 buy sandwich
 stay hungry
 go out and eat cheaper
 location from pc
buy sandwich scored 29.00% higher than the next best option stay hungry
1 buy sandwich 56.47
2 stay hungry 43.75
3 go out and eat cheaper 37.28

Results by tool for top 3 alternatives
    buy sandwich   stay hungry   go out and eat cheaper  
1 My Scores 23.33 30.33 11.67
2 My Life Match 11.81 6.31 18.51
3 My Points of View 21.33 7.11 7.11
  Simon Points   56.47   43.75   37.28
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