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Simon says:
Enzo decided to share a decisión with other Simonites. Here is the summary.
Posted By: Enzo
Decision Name: Should I use Org mode or Wunderlist as my to-do manager?
Date: November 28 - 2015
Description: Trying to decide which is the better software solution
Simon says: Wunderlist

Very Important
Selected Tools

My Scores
My Alternatives
My Factors
 Org mode (with Emacs)
 Perfectionism temptation
 Initial usability
 Memory usage
 Chrome integration
 Mail integration
 Calendar integration
 OS integration
 Feature scope
 Advanced features
 Perceived elegance
 Linux support
 Mobile support
 Future outlook
Wunderlist scored 10.00% higher than the next best option Org mode (with Emacs)
1 Wunderlist 70.48
2 Org mode (with Emacs) 63.81
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