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Simon says:
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Posted By: Public Name
Decision Name: Should I work at Pizza Ranch or Taco Bell?
Date: April 10 - 2016
Description: I have a family member who works at Pizza Ranch.
Simon says: Pizza Ranch

Primary Personality

Secondary Personality
Decision style: Balanced
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 Pizza Ranch
 Taco Bell
 work hours
 hourly pay
Pizza Ranch scored 43.00% higher than the next best option Taco Bell
1 Pizza Ranch 65.75
2 Taco Bell 45.95

Results by tool for top 3 alternatives
    Pizza Ranch   Taco Bell  
1 My Scores 25.56 20.00
2 My Life Match 16.58 18.08
3 My Points of View 23.61 7.87
  Simon Points   65.75   45.95
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