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Simon says:
blake decided to share a decisión with other Simonites. Here is the summary.
Posted By: blake
Decision Name: Should I change my career path?
Date: November 08 - 2015
Simon says: Go for the money

Very Important
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My Scores
My Alternatives
My Factors
 Change career path entirely
 Don't change my career path
 Go back to school
 Go for my passion
 Go for the money
 Open my own business
 Change my career path a medium amount
 Get a new job
 Less risk
Go for the money scored 4.00% higher than the next best option Change career path entirely
1 Go for the money 78.33
2 Change career path entirely 75.00
3 Open my own business 71.67
4 Go back to school 67.33
5 Change my career path a medium amount 62.33
6 Get a new job 61.00
7 Don't change my career path 59.83
8 Go for my passion 40.00
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