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Simon says:
JohnnyDecision decided to share a decisión with other Simonites. Here is the summary.
Posted By: JohnnyDecision
Decision Name: Should I quit my job to start my own business?
Date: February 25 - 2017
Simon says: Graphic Design. Freelance.

Very Important
Selected Tools

My Scores

My Points of View
My Alternatives
My Factors
 Graphic Design. Freelance.
 Office Job. Normal Life.
 Stay on Current Path.
 Odd Jobs that Lead to a Career in What I Want.
 Anxiety/Driving Relief.
 Stress Relief.
 Financial Independence.
 Work Availability.
 Feeling Successful.
 Immediate Financial Relief.
 Ability to Travel with Job.
Graphic Design. Freelance. scored 37.00% higher than the next best option Photographer.
1 Graphic Design. Freelance. 74.40
2 Photographer. 54.47
3 Office Job. Normal Life. 49.48
4 Odd Jobs that Lead to a Career in What I Want. 48.45
5 Stay on Current Path. 22.89

Results by tool for top 3 alternatives
    Graphic Design. Freelance.   Photographer.   Office Job. Normal Life.  
1 My Scores 41.99 32.87 27.88
2 My Points of View 32.41 21.61 21.61
  Simon Points   74.40   54.47   49.48
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