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Simon has compiled these outside resources for users who decide to continue their research or act on their decision. Simon has done his best to offer helpful resources, but he should not be held responsible for the information, advice, or services these websites offer, nor do these resources impact his decision making process.

Decide on a car
Decide on a college
Decide on a job offer
Decide on a major
Decide on a school for your children
What sport should I play?
Decide on a vacation
Decide on health insurance
Decide on a house
Decide where to live
Should I downsize my budget?
Should I pay off my debt?
Should I take out a loan?
Should I lend money to family/friends?
Decide on an internship
Should I study abroad?
Should I join a fraternity/sorority?
Should I live on-campus or off-campus?
Decide on a fraternity/sorority
Should I go to therapy?
Should I get a part time job?
Decide on a roommate
Should I buy an iPhone or Blackberry?
Decide on a study abroad program
Decide on a pet
Should I quit smoking?
Should I get plastic surgery?
Decide on a tennis racquet
Decide on running shoes
Decide on golf clubs
Decide on a baseball glove
Decide on a bicycle
Decide on a doctor
Decide on a gym
Should I relocate with my company?
Decide how to care for my parents
Decide on a computer
Should I move in with my significant other?
Should I retire?
Decide on a dog breed
Decide on a graduate school
Should I try a long distance relationship?
Decide what to wear tonight
Should I homeschool my child?
Should I ask him/her out?
Should I try online dating?
Should I tell him/her how I feel?
Should I dump him/her?
Decide where to go on a date
Should I go to graduate school?
Should I buy a laptop or desktop computer?
Decide how to lose weight
Should I date in the office?
What should I do for Thanksgiving?
Decide on an extracurricular activity
Decide on a holiday gift
Decide what to do for winter break
Should I transfer to another college?
Should I get a flu shot?
What should I do for New Years?

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