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Tome una decisión para conocer el proceso y estuvo muy padre, no porque no supiera cuál iba a ser el resultado, sino porque te hace pensar en todas las cosas que tienes que tomar en cuenta
Luz G. (Mexico, DF)

This tool made me stop and re-think my options. I realized that I haven't considered some critical factors that are important to me, which none of the options I have were delivering. This is great analytical support for any type of decision. THX Simon for your help.
Amy M. (Santa Monica, CA)

Let Simon Decide is an interesting, powerful tool. I was reluctant to use any tool to make decisions because I considered only humans were able to help or give advice. I used Simon for the first time and, once I got into it, I was thrilled by the process and the result. The lists of options are a huge help, not only in themselves but to trigger other possibilities. After the first result, I started again and tried other tools.
Lucy C. (Los Angeles, CA)

Simón Decide tiene la dosis exacta de subjetividad en prefecto equilibrio con los hechos objetivos que intervienen para tomar una decisión. Como un amigo, Simón puede ver lo mejor de tí y al mismo tiempo es un consejero-asesor que muestra la tendencia de tu propio sentir y pensar objetivamente. En mi vida sólo tengo un par de amigos muy cercanos que pueden ayudarme así a tomar decisiones, sólo que ellos no son tan buenos con los algoritmos.
Alejandro S. (Mexico, DF)

¡Qué descubrimiento! Mucha gente que conozco, incluída yo, necesita desesperadamente una herramienta como Simon Decide porque aunque sabemos cómo buscar opciones no sabemos cómo decidirnos por estas. Entonces pensamos, dudamos y volvemos a pensar hasta cuando alguien nos dice: "¡Ya, toma una decisión!" Bueno, pues esos momentos, por suerte, ya terminaron.
Amy M. (Santa Monica, CA)

Let Simon Decide definitely helps me to think on my own to answer questions about certain aspects of decisions I wasn't fully considering before. I think this tool is really amazing and very innovative. It is so easy to maneuver and very visually appealing. I am very impressed! -

Jennifer D. (New York, NY)

Después de pasar por el proceso de toma de decisión, siento que mi respuesta es sólida y concreta. No me queda la menor duda de que estoy haciendo lo correcto. ¡Gracias por la paz mental, Simon!.
Amy M. (Santa Monica, CA)

Let Simon Decide has the exact dose of inherent subjective matters and objective facts. Friendly as it is, Simon knows how to get the best out of you, interacting both as a friend and advisor, helping you choose what might be the best alternative. Much better than an "excel spread sheet." I only have a couple of very close friends who can help me to make decisions that well, only that they are not that good with algorithms... I'd rather let Simon decide.
Alejandro S. (Mexico, DF)

Está muy bien pensado, me encantó porque te va llevando de la mano para que pases por diferentes caminos y veas el todo, me encantó!!.
Ana T. (Queretaro, Mexico)

If I had a dilemma, I would definitely consult Simon. I think it’s a really, really good idea. It's like a further development of Yahoo answers. If you guys make it well known, Yahoo might even try to buy it from you, LOL.
Gopa D. (Los Angeles, CA)

I like how Let Simon Decide offers you a list of different decisions to choose from, with suggestions for important factors and alternatives that go with them. It's also really cool how Simon matches your decision alternatives against your goals and current situation, so that you can consider your decision with these things in mind.
Jillian R. (Philadelphia, PA)

What a great tool! The site is so easy to use and takes you through the decision making steps very quickly. This is a perfect tool for people like me with a long list of things to do  who don't want to spend too much time analyzing options. Let Simon Decide helped me quickly clarify my priorities and point me in the right direction. And the whole process just took a few minutes!
Barbara A. (Alexandra, New Zeland)

I love the tool!  It truly helped me in the evaluation of a big decision I had to make. I was able to put all the things that were truly important for the evaluations and rate them. The process was so easy, and I love the fact that I got a printed report!! I will most definitely continue to ask Simon!!

La Nena (Los Angeles, CA)

Que buena pagina! Para todos en la familia, sin importar su edad, siempre habran decisiones a ser tomadas y es importante saber como escoger la mejor opción, me gustó mucho.
Carlos S. (Mexico DF)

El servicio que están ofreciendo es muy útil y original. Prueben tomar decisiones con "un poco de ayuda".
Lumalunu (Mexico, DF)

Me llevé una sorpresa bastante agradable. El impactó que me generó la página, su operación, sus gráficos, su intención… sus posibilidades… todas fueron en absoluto, positivas.¡Felicidades!.
Carlos P. (Londres, Inglaterra)

Love it, have a crush on him already! It was love at first sight, especially when he helped me kick my indecisive nature to the curb.
Erin B. (Los Angeles, CA)

Muchas felicidades. Me gustó mucho la página. Es una buena ayuda. La decisión en la que me ayudó fue acertada.
Eugenia L. (Mexico, DF)

I asked Simon about which college I should choose, and it really gave me some insight and helped me decide.
Alejandro S. (Miami, FL)

SOOO COOL!!!! I just realized I should buy a volkswagen and start doing YOGA!!!! Ha! Thanks for helping me figure out my life!
Kristina G. (Los Angeles, CA)

Para alguien como yo que se distrae todo el tiempo, me voy a hacer cliente de Simon. Uno nunca piensa en esos factores que te hace mención Simon, esos en los que te acuerdas cuando ya la regaste y piensas: Cómo no pensé en tal cosa!
Carlos V. (México, DF)

Hi, I read about it on TechCrunch and I wanted to try it out a little, and I have to say I'm amazed. It is fantastic and I liked it very much. It helped me to make a final decision about my career. Thanks a lot and congratulations for the nice service. Regards from El Salvador.
Patricia G. (El Salvador)

Phone app. Seriously. This is a fun toy and by that I mean a good slow-down-and-think-but-not-so-slow-that-you-don't-actually-end-up-doing-anything decisionmaking guider. Well done! And nice to look at.

WOWWWW I seriously love it!!! I asked it where I should live and it really helped me realize where the best location is.
Amy L. (Los Angeles, CA)

For anyone ever confronted by The Paradox of Choice (or any decision) this is a great decision making tool. The introductory video is awesome too. Simon rocks!
Graham S. (Pasadena, CA)

I´ve tried Simon and I found out that it is a smart, fun way to guide you trough a desicion process, the computer will not decide for you, you will be making your own desicion but with a different aproach according to who you are, what you like, the present moment you are living, you can not fool yourself and Simon shows you that, great tool, great idea !. P.S. dedicate enough time to create your profile, that is the key for success.
Carlos S. (Mexico City)

Esto es lo maximo! Nunca pense encontrar una herramienta tan innovadora y bien hecha en toma de decisiones.
Karina R. (Mexico, DF)

Fascinating! I like the way it looks at both logical and emotional aspects the decision-making.
Barbara P. (Redondo Beach, CA)



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