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Simon says:
OneTrickPony decided to share a decisión with other Simonites. Here is the summary.
Posted By: OneTrickPony
Decision Name: Decide where to live
Date: May 08 - 2009
Simon says: Move to Spain

Primary Personality

Secondary Personality
Decision style: Analytical
Very Important
Selected Tools

My Scores

My Life Match

My Points of View
My Alternatives
My Factors
 Stay in Maryland
 Move to PNW
 Move to Spain
 Move to Illinois
 moderate weather
 places to go/things to do
 affordable land
 ability to find friends
 access to basic necessities
Move to Spain scored 48.00% higher than the next best option Move to PNW
1 Move to Spain 59.62
2 Move to PNW 40.16
3 Stay in Maryland 34.96
4 Move to Illinois 25.76

Results by tool for top 3 alternatives
    Move to Spain   Move to PNW   Stay in Maryland  
1 My Scores 34.44 26.67 20.00
2 My Life Match 10.75 6.28 14.96
3 My Points of View 14.43 7.21 0.00
  Simon Points   59.62   40.16   34.96
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